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Acsion Limited wishes to implement a bursary scheme in certain areas which it operates.

These areas include:

The purpose of the bursary scheme is to reward a disadvantaged individual that is also in one of the company’s encatchment areas. This scheme will be a major part of the company’s Corporate and Social Initiative.


The following requirements have been set by the Board of Directors for any qualifying individual to come into recognition of the scheme.

A. Disadvantaged background

1. The individual will have to illustrate that he/she comes from a disadvantaged background and is currently still in a disadvantaged position. The board will assess each applicant based several factors some of which are:

a. Household income

b. Family composition

B. Field of study Should the individual want to qualify for the scheme, the individual must register / be registered for/in any one of the following fields at a qualifying university:

a. Architecture

b. Accounting

c. Civil engineering

d. Electrical engineering

e. Marketing – Events or online marketing

f. Project Management

g. Property Management

h. Quantity surveying

Any year of study will qualify for the scheme.

Qualifying universities include:

a. University of the Witwatersrand

b. University of Johannesburg

c. University of Pretoria

d. University of South Africa

e. University of KwaZulu-Natal

C. Academic results

Academic performance is of utmost importance and will be one of the primary qualifying criteria in awarding a bursary. The better the individual’s results, the more favourable the application will be viewed.

In case of a matriculant applying to the scheme:

a. University exemption must be obtained

b. Subjects taken in the final matric exam should enable the individual to register for one of the qualifying fields of study.

In case of an existing registered student applying to the scheme:

a. The individual should have passed all his/her years in the allotted time.

b. Should not have failed any one subject in any one year.

D. What is covered by the bursary?

a. Tuition fees for the year of study

b. Prescribed text books for the year

c. Equipment required for the completion of the degree

d. If required, residence fees in one of the University managed residences

e. Reasonable subsistence allowance

E. What is expected of the individual?

a. The individual should register for a qualifying field of study as indicated

b. The individual must study toward obtaining a degree.

c. The individual must take the number of subjects required to complete the degree in the specified time as set out by the University.

d. The individual must pass all related subjects in the year to qualify for the bursary in the following year.

e. The individual must report his/her academic results on a quarterly basis by way of submitting his/her results on an official academic record certificate of the University to the company.

f. The individual must come work at the company at least one holiday in the year for a period of two weeks for which the employee will be compensated.

g. The individual must be available and provide his/her consent to be an ambassador for the company and to appear in company marketing material.

Governing rules

a. The applicant must be a South African;

b. The bursary cannot be converted to a cash payment to the applicant;

c. The applicant may not have been awarded another bursary from another institution with the exception of a University bursary / subsidy for reward of academic performance;

d. All payments will be made from the company to the applicable University on behalf of the individual;

e. Failure to register for an appropriate degree will result in cancellation of the bursary awarded;

f. The individual will forfeit the bursary if the field of study is changed to a non-qualifying field of study;

g. The student agrees that should he/she fail any one subject in any one year, the bursary will be forfeited immediately and the bursary will be converted to a loan that must be paid back in terms of the bursary agreement between Acsion and the applicant;

h. The decision of the company board is final in determining who will receive the bursary and no correspondence will be entered into;

i. The applicant will be required to take up a position within the Acsion Limited group of companies under the group’s standard conditions of employment, one year of work for every one year of study. Failing to take up the position or early resignation by the employee, the employee acknowledges and consent to repay on a proportionate basis the full bursary awarded over the study period;

j. Senior employees / directors of the Acsion group and their family members may not apply for the bursary.

k. If free education applies, application will no longer be eligible.

Please download the below application form, fill it out and send it back to

Applications close on 27 February 2018 at 12h00

Area                            Acsion Business Premises

Brakpan                       Mall@Carnival

Centurion                     Mall@Reds

Centurion                     Anaprop Head office

Embalenhle                  Mall@Emba

Lebowakgomo              Mall@Lebo

Monavoni                     Mall@55

Moreleta Park                Moreleta Square

Piet Retief                     Mall@Mfula

Walkraal                        Mall@Moutsiya

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