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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 13:29

Secondary school torched in Vuwani

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Mugoidwa Secondary School in the Tshivulana Village in Vuwani, Limpopo, was set alight on Tuesday night in an act of vandalism.


The Department of Basic Education said on Wednesday fire fighters and law enforcement agencies worked late into the night to quell the blaze.

“It is unclear at this stage what the cost and extent of the damage to the school is. This is despite an agreement reached that schooling in the area would return to normal this morning,” said the department.

All learners are expected to return to school in the Vuwani area today. The department had used last week to prepare for the reopening of schools and to ensure the necessary resources were in place.

“All schools will open as planned and Limpopo Education Department officials will be on hand to assist learners from Mugoidwa Secondary,” said the department.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said she was appalled that another school had been torched. This brings the number of schools burnt in the area to 29.

She reiterated that the wanton destruction of school property will not be tolerated and has called on law enforcement agencies to act swiftly to ensure those responsible are brought to book.

“The act of destroying a school is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Not only are these criminals damaging state property worth millions of Rands that the tax payer will have to fund, but they are holding the lives of these learners to ransom and putting the future of our children in jeopardy," said Minister Motshekga.

She called on the community to help protect schools at all cost.

The department said the community needs to work with police to identify the criminals and put them behind bars.

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