Tuesday, 18 October 2016 15:30

Admissions for Grade 1, 8 learners continue

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The Gauteng Department of Education says it intends concluding the admission process for Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners by the end of November.


“To date, we have placed 169 553 out of 228 180 early applications, which is 98 419 (78%) Grade 1 learners and 71 134 (70%) Grade 8 learners. The number of late applications is continuously growing, however, the department intends concluding the admission process by end of November,” said the department on Tuesday.

The department apologised to parents who applied on time and still have not been placed.

There are various reasons why learners that did not apply on time are not yet placed, including that schools are not regularly updating their placement data and parents have had seven days to respond and many have not responded to offers of placement or confirmed acceptance.

In some instances, parents have changed their decision and the admission process had to be redone.

In some cases, where the schools were full, the learner was placed in an alternative school and the parent opted to reject and appeal the decision.

“All these factors have contributed to the delay of the placement of learners. The department is also in a process of finding space where applicants on waiting lists could not all be accommodated in a school,” said the department.

The department will be running district roadshows for all parents who applied for Grade 1 and Grade 8 and have not yet received a response from the schools where they have applied.

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