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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 11:35

School of Governance recruits 775 facilitators

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The Governance and Administration Cluster chair, Minister Malusi Gigaba, says the National School of Government has recruited 775 public servants as facilitators of the school’s Compulsory Induction Programme (CIP).


Malusi Gigaba

The Minister announced this when he briefed the media as part of the cluster’s post State of the Nation Address progress report on the implementation and achievement of the plan of action, on Sunday.

The National School of Government was officially established after President Jacob Zuma signed the Public Administration Management Act into law in December, last year.

“This was planned in collaboration with the provincial academies to pilot the Lead Facilitation Development Programme with key provincial facilitators.

“All provincial facilitators have also obtained Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority accreditation as moderators and assessors,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said, the school has developed a proposal for an assessment centre to be established.

The Minister said the centre will be tasked with developing and implementing a diagnostic tool to identify and support appointment, promotion and development requirements in the workplace.

School to pilot new programmes

The Minister said ever since the school was launched in October 2013, it had undertaken benchmark studies with an aim of reviewing a delivery model best suited to support the imperatives of South Africa’s developmental state.

The programmes that will be piloted by the school include:

  • A Compulsory Induction Programme (CIP) for newly appointed senior managers at Director and Chief Director levels;
  • Performance management and development system for the Public Service;
  • Government leadership platform designed to be integrative and focuses on the key priorities of government (aligned to the 14 outcomes) and the leadership obligation of all managers in realising national developmental goals; and
  • An international exchange programme with the Peoples’ Republic of China, which involves education and learning at the China Academy of Governance.

The Minister said that the international exchange programme pilot follows Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s official visit to the Peoples’ Republic of China in July 2015, which also included a visit to the China Academy of Governance.

“The pilot programmes are intended to test a different and integrated approach to delivery of high volume education and learning opportunities to public servants,” the Minister said.

Plans to finalise disciplinary cases

Minister Gigaba said the Department of Public Service and Administration has continued to undertake work to speed up procedures for the finalisation of disciplinary cases within the prescribed period of 90 days.

He said the established pool of labour relations specialists and legal experts have identified departments that require urgent intervention and are providing the necessary assistance to the South African Police Service (SAPS), and the departments of correctional services, health, basic education and home affairs.

“The size and scope of these departments dictate that they would have a number of disciplinary challenges associated with the nature of their work,” he said.

He also said that according to the reports provided by the department for the fourth quarter of the financial year ended 31 March 2015, there were 1 239 cases in national departments, with 765 of these cases being finalised within 90 days, 64 of these were finalised outside of the 90 days, and 410 cases still pending.