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NOTE - this page is no longer being updated, and I don't have any plans to run another international competition.
If anyone would like to take it over, just let me know at graeme@tomorrowtoday.biz.
Otherwise, simply try to beat the records below, and keep your own local church records.

first place The Silly Olympics are a set of games designed specifically for youth groups. Many of the events are based on Olympic sports, such as javelin, shotput and discus, while others are simply silly events. This is a great program for a day or evening of entertainment. It takes quite a lot of preparation and set-up, and a lot of organisation at the event. But its worth it!!

The events listed below are given with complete sets of rules, as well as the current international "records" for each event. You can use any of these events any time you want to, but why not join us for an international "live" competition between youth groups around the world? The next International competition will probably be held during 2003.

Click here for the Results of the 2000 Event!!

Inter-Youth Silly Olympics Competition

Here It Is:
A list of youth group SiLly games, complete with records for you to break.
A complete set of instructions is available, but if you have any other questions, please contact Graeme, at info@youth.co.za.

Silly "Olympic" Official World Records and Rules, as of 3 July 2002

String Eating 5m 10.91 secTim Vincent & T.J. HollinBarberton Evangelical Friends Church, Barberton, Ohio, USAMarch 1998
Eat 3 Marie Biscuits and Whistle 3 Notes
NOTE: Due to inconsistency in biscuit types used, this record is no longer being kept Internationally.

Down a Can of Coke 6.45 sec Russell Smith Foleshill Baptist Church, Broad Street, Coventry, England March 1998
Marshmallows in Mouth (without swallowing or chewing)
NOTE: Due to inconsistency in marshmallow types used, this record is no longer being kept Internationally.

Chair sitting against a wall (with no chair) 2 hour 5 minutesChris DeWeesChristian Fellowship Outreach Church, Kenna, WV USAMarch 1998
Push a matchbox across a carpeted floor - 20m (using only your nose) 17 secondsMoretn JunkerEvangelical Free church, Grindsted, DenmarkSeptember 2000
Holding Lit Match (std Lion match) 1 min 48.46 secCarolyn ZeilstraRosebank Union Church, Sandton, South AfricaMarch 1998
Holding Lit Match (Canadian match - 5mm long) 1 min, 33 sec Glen Dow Crestwicke Baptist, Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1996
Holding Lit Match (Australian Safety match)56 secRon MilnesNorth Belconnen Baptist Church, Canberra, AustraliaMarch 1998
Lighting Candles with One Match 95 times Ben AmbuehlGreenville FMY, IL, USA 1996
Paper Plate Frisbee Discus (outdoor) 105 Feet (32 metres) Mike SmithLong Beach Christian Reformed Church, California, USAMarch 1998
Plastic straw Javelin 17.1 mTIE:
Garth Luke

Steve Gardner
Rosebank Union Church, Sandton, South Africa

St Paul Lutheran School, New York, USA

Sep 2000
Put the Peanut 11.02 mName to followTeens in Christ
Harvest Christian Fellowship, Harare, Zimbabwe
April 2002
Coin Catching 61 coinsGarth Luke & Andrew HarrisRosebank Union Church, Sandton, South Africa March 1998
Coin Catching - Canadian/American penny70 coins Melanie Pharoah Crestwicke Baptist, Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1996
Coin Catching - Australian 5c 87 coins Adrian Lance North Belconnen Baptist Church, Canberra, Australia March 1998
Coin Catching - British penny pieces 65 coins Mathew Spencer SNOG, Keith North Church, ScotlandSeptember 2000
House of Cards 15 storeys Jessica Peleshok, assisted by Jordan Srnec and James ZimmermanX-treme Youth, Windsor, ON, CanadaSeptember 2000
Ski Race(3 person teams)17 sec.Erin/Laura/SmileyMission Baptist Church, Pyongtaek, KoreaMarch 1998
Standing Jump - guys 3,1 m Jonathan Robinson and Grant Wyer Honeyridge Baptist, Randburg, South Africa 1996
Standing Jump - girls 2,37 m Jessica Peleshok X-treme Youth, Windsor, ON, CanadaSeptember 2000
Cotton Wool Ball Shotput 12 mGeorge GerickeJabulani Jeugaksie:NG Krokodilrivier, Brits, South AfricaSeptember 2000
Shoelace Tying 3.96 secDiana DuthieMSG's (Middle School group)
St. John the Baptist
December 2000
Rowing Regatta None yetNew eventNew eventNew event

Rules for the above events are now available

The results of the event held on 18 & 19 October 1996
The Results of the 1998 Event are HERE!!

If you have any other ideas for goofy games and records, please let me know. If you break any of the above records, please let me know. info@youth.co.za

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