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Thursday, 03 March 2016 15:54

Cabinet condemns violent student protests

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Cabinet has condemned the violent student protests which have disrupted studies at some universities and led to the destruction of property.

“These protests deprive deserving students the opportunity to further their studies and impacts upon their right to higher education,” Cabinet said in a statement on Thursday.

Cabinet noted that government has opened channels of communication with all higher-education stakeholders for discussions and dialogues.

“This has resulted in the restoration of normality and the promotion of social cohesion in our universities that seeks to find solutions to the medium- to long-term challenges linked to the transformation of the sector as described in the resolutions of the 2015 Higher Education Transformation Summit.”

Cabinet acknowledged the efforts by law-enforcement agencies to ensure that the culture of learning is restored and that property and the rights of individuals are protected.

It warned that the rule of law is paramount and should be upheld at all times.

“Normality and calm must return in our universities so that the academic programmes can continue while the medium- to long-term challenges are addressed,” said Cabinet.    

Cabinet applauded the students who stood united against racism and anti-white chauvinism, “which serves as an example that we can all work together to build on the progress and gains made in the tertiary education sector in preparation for this academic year”.

“We must protect that progress and allow order to be restored and preserved at all our universities. Cabinet also calls upon all stakeholders to work together so that our universities become leaders of inclusive engagement and transformation.”