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Thursday, 27 August 2015 08:07

NYDA Signs MOU with BRICS Countries On Youth Development Matters

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The Deputy Minister of Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation Hon Buti Manamela and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) CEO Mr Khathu Ramukumba led a delegation of 32 representatives from government departments, civil society and youth in business to the 1st BRICS Youth Summit that was held in Kazan, Russia from 4-6 July 2015.


The Youth Summit was well attended by youth from all BRICS countries led by their respective Ministers and the Heads/Executives of the various Youth Agencies.

Robust discussions took place amongst the delegates which resulted in a deliberation on 5 salient points namely: 1) Economic Co-operation, 2) Political Co-operation, 3) Humanitarian Co-operation, 4) Scientific and Technical Co-operation and lastly 5) The Information Sphere.

The detail thereof focussed on;

Economic Cooperation
The need for cooperation amongst member countries on Youth Entrepreneurship programmes that will seek to facilitate market linkages and further increase access to finance through the newly established BRICS Bank.

Political Cooperation
To look at the 1st BRICS Summit as a platform for Youth in all Member States to meet annually and share best practices which will include opposing terrorism in all its form amongst member states and cooperate in identifying and eliminating its political, economic and social causes.

Humanitarian Cooperation
The need to mainstream youth development in all streams of BRICS as it is a cross cutting issue. This will further create and support the intra and interstate governmental channels for social participation and therefore deepen youth interaction.

Scientific and Technical Cooperation
The promotion of Youth Research and Development programmes that should enable an environment for technological innovation which includes the suggested BRICS universities to focus on scientific and technological fields.

Information sphere
To ensure the promotion of access to new media and mass media in all BRICS countries. This calls for the establishment of an independent BRICS News Agency to increase media coverage of all BRICS Development Streams and ensuring that information is accessed through this channel. In this particular intervention, there is a great need to ensure youth inclusion and participation in the media fields and profile the BRICS brand accordingly.

The Summit ended with the finalisation of an action plan and declaration that was then presented to the respective Ministers responsible for Youth with a common understanding and that it will be presented to the Heads of States (BRICS) at UFA, Russia – the latter took place on 8 July 2015.

According to Mr Khathu Ramukumba, NYDA Chief Executive Officer, “The highlight of the summit was the commitment shown by all Heads of Agencies responsible for Youth Affairs with the signing of the agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will ensure collaboration in all spheres that are geared at improving youth development. The signing of the MoU with like-minded institutions within BRICS will enable the South African youth to have a formal platform that will create a conducive environment for sharing of best practices, youth exchange programmes and also joint access to all streams within BRICS for youth development to be mainstreamed. This is indeed a great milestone”.

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