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University of Pretoria resumes academic programme

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The University of Pretoria (UP) says it will resume its academic programme today by implementing arrangements alternative to on-campus lectures.


The University on Tuesday said it recognises that it is imperative for teaching and learning to continue, and for final assessments and examinations to be concluded this year.

“The national situation remains volatile and the university is making every effort to ensure that students can complete their studies in the remaining weeks of the academic year.

“All lecture and study material will be made available by the faculties either online or by other means. In cases where contact between students and lecturers is required, arrangements will be made with students per module via their respective faculties, and communicated on clickUP.”

The University said strict access control will apply and only students whose faculties have made academic programme-specific arrangements will be allowed on campus.

It said details will be communicated by the different faculties via clickUP for the specific modules. There will be no general access to the campus. Residences will remain open during this time.

“Examinations will start on 14 November 2016 and continue through to 3 December 2016, except in special cases as advised by the faculties.

“In the interest of the safety of students and staff, campus security will work closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure that adequate security measures will be in place to enable the continuation of the academic year.

“We will not hesitate to act against anyone causing further disruptions. We appeal to students, parents and staff to work with us during this difficult time to ensure that we continue with the academic programme. We are doing everything in our control to ensure that we successfully complete the academic year,” said the University.

More information is available on the University's official website and students are advised to check the student portal and clickUP, for daily updates. Further information can be requested from the respective faculties.

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