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Could SA be taking the Zimbabwe route?

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In my paranoid mind we already have taken the Zimbabwe Route. The population of SA are simply too naïve to realise this fact.


The events of today with national popular uprising generating the following response from Government - 7th April 2017, 17H30

“The only place President Jacob Zuma is going is a long list of official engagements, after the African National Congress said there were no plans for him to step down after Friday's nationwide protests.”

This clearly indicates to me that our notion that we are still a democracy, is a complete farce. A dictatorship now blatantly exists, with the intention of forcibly remaining in power as long as it can.  

Today’s Government response, clearly indicates that the will of the people is no longer of any importance. No matter what the people do, or how desperately they try to show their displeasure at the Zuma Dictatorship, their feelings are totally ignored by the Government.

Go out into the streets, and judge the public levels of frustration. Their main fear is that they desperately want to get rid of Zuma, but there is simply no way that this can be achieved. A vote of “No confidence” in Parliament, will be totally and completely blocked by Zuma’s supporters, which he has so carefully arranged as a protective shield around him.  This is the only legal option available to force him to be recalled.

What therefore else therefore is available. Nothing I am afraid. It is completely up to the ANC whether he serves till 2019 or not. Desperate people talk of a tax revolt or sustained mass action.

A tax revolt will never happen as big business will never dare challenge government, and the small man in the street will also never dare to take the tax man on. This is the life blood of the Government, and they will ensure through severe intimidation, threats, and selective legal action and prosecution against any tax defaulters, that the population rapidly snaps back into line. We now consider sustained mass action.

The moment Zuma in any way feels threatened, he will not hesitate to call in the police and army to quell all civil disobedience, by extremely violent methods if required. Sound at all similar to the way Zimbabwe politicians operate. To become more popular with the people, Zuma has called for land expropriation without compensation. Sound at all similar to the situation in Zimbabwe.

We have all become so blinkered, that we say that all will be rectified at the next election in 2019, when the ANC will finally, and soundly be beaten. Have you never heard of election rigging? Mugabe was a master, and considering Zuma’s political guile, I am sure he will be as successful. And the worst for the country, no matter how hard we scream foul play, as is the situation today, the Government will simply ignore us completely.

Through vote rigging, the Government will ensure an overwhelming 2/3 majority, and then proceed to decimate the Constitution to suite their narrow needs. Zuma will become Dictator President for life. Sound in any way similar to Zimbabwe. This is all of course mere speculation, and maybe only the fruits of an over active mind. For the sake of this country, please let me be wrong.

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