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Monday, 19 October 2015 14:41

Free tertiary education possible: Sasco

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Free tertiary education possible.


University students

President of the South African Students Congress, Ntuthuko Makhombothi, says offering free education at tertiary institutions is "very possible".

Responding to a question on SAFm’s Forum @ 8 debate on whether offering free education at a higher level is sustainable, Makhombothi says taking a relook into education, free education should not be taken as an expenditure burden but rather an investment for the country and its economy.

He says based on the latest wave of student protests at tertiary institutions, at the core of the protests, students are unhappy over fee increments. 

Makhombothi says the funding of higher education in South Africa has in real terms declined, and in return, universities are under pressure to increase fees.

We are working very hard to ensure its (NSFS) administrative systems and the systems put in place become more effective

But, he says as students they are saying, "that is not a sustainable solution as we are also confronted with economic challenges facing the country, thus you can’t litigate against the low funding of higher education with fees, unless you intend to exclude students".